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How do I check the order status? What does my order status mean?
    To sign in your account, you will easily find each order you've placed and its current status.

    Your order may be composed of one or several items. We will contact suppliers to prepare the products immediately once we received your order. Every supplier's Operating efficiency will be different, so the status of every item may be different in one order.

    My Order Status Is:

    That Means:

    Right Now I Can:


    Your order is currently incomplete, awaiting payment. Unpaid order will be closed in xx days automatically.

    Complete your payment
    Delete order
    Edit order


    Your order has not been completed on time.

    Delete the order


    We've received your payment and are beginning verification. This status may last for several hours.

    Withdraw to the cart


    Your order is not approved by us. The order can be canceled and the payment will back to your account.

    Delete the order



    The supplier is preparing the goods.


    The supplier is read to deliver the goods.

    Delivered by supplier

    The supplier has sent the goods to us and the goods will arrive at our warehouse soon.

    Arrived at warehouse

    We are checking the goods for you, and it will be delivered to you soon.

    Out of stock

    Sorry, this product is sold out

    Change the color or size, 


    We find commodity quality problems and we have returned the goods to supplier



    The order has been canceled, and the money has returned to your account.


    All products are packaging and waiting for shipping


    All or parts of the goods in your order has been packaged and sent to the shipping address you provided.

    Tracking the package and confirm your goods


    We have received your confirmation and shipping completed


    This order has been cancelled.

    Purchase again

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